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Anemia kya hai ?

Anemia kya hai? · Anemia ke kuchh roopon ko aapake jeen ke maadhyam se neeche paarit kiya jaata hai, aur shishuon mein yah janm se ho sakata hai. · mahilaon ko aayaran ka khatara hota hai.


Anemia kya hai

Anemia us sthiti ka varnan karata hai jisamen rakt mein laal rakt koshikaon ya heemoglobin kee sankhya kam hotee hai. is kaaran se, doktar kabhee-kabhee kam rakt ganana ke roop mein eneemiya vaale kisee vyakti ka varnan karate hain. ek vyakti jise eneemiya hai use eneemik kaha jaata hai. heemoglobin ka saamaany star purushon aur mahilaon mein alag-alag hota hai. purushon ke lie, ek saamaany heemoglobin star ko aamataur par 13.5 graam / 100 meel se adhik ke star ke roop mein paribhaashit kiya jaata hai, aur mahilaon mein 12.0 graam / 100 mileeleetar se adhik heemoglobin ke roop mein.

Srakt kaise banaata hai?

Rakt do bhaagon se milakar banata hai: ek taral jise plaajma aur ek koshikeey bhaag kaha jaata hai. selular bhaag mein kaee alag-alag prakaar ke sel hote hain. sabase mahatvapoorn aur sabase adhik sel prakaaron mein se ek laal rakt koshikaen hain. any sel prakaar shvet rakt koshikaen aur pletalet hain. is lekh mein keval laal rakt koshikaon kee charcha kee gaee hai. laal rakt koshika ka uddeshy phephadon se okseejan ko shareer ke any bhaagon mein pahunchaana hai.

laal rakt koshikaon

laal rakt koshikaon ka nirmaan jatil aur vishisht charanon kee ek shrrnkhala ke maadhyam se kiya jaata hai. ve asthi majja (pheemar aur pelvik haddiyon ke andaroonee hisse jo rakt mein adhikaansh koshikaen banaate hain) mein bane hote hain, aur jab unakee paripakvata ke sabhee uchit charan poore ho jaate hain, to ve rakt pravaah mein jaaree hote hain. heemoglobin anu laal rakt koshikaon kee kaaryaatmak ikaee hai aur ek jatil proteen sanrachana hai jo laal rakt koshikaon ke andar hotee hai. maanav shareer mein adhikaansh koshikaon ke vipareet, laal rakt koshikaon mein ek naabhik (ek sel ka chayaapachay kendr) nahin hota hai. laal rakt koshikaen lagabhag 100 din tak jeevit rahatee hain, isalie shareer lagaataar unhen badalane kee koshish kar raha hai. vayaskon mein, laal rakt koshika ka utpaadan asthi majja mein hota hai. doktar yah nirdhaarit karane kee koshish karate hain ki kya laal rakt koshikaon kee kam laal rakt koshikaon kee sankhya mein kamee ke kaaran ya asthi majja mein unamen se kam utpaadan se hota hai. yah jaanana ki kya saphed rakt koshikaon aur / ya pletalets kee sankhya badal gaee hai, yah bhee eneemiya ka kaaran nirdhaarit karane mein madad karata hai.

Anemia se bachne ke liye kya khana chahiye

1. aayaran se bharapoor aahaar len:

Prevention of Anemia

Sunishchit karen ki aapako paushtik, poore khaady padaarthon ke maadhyam se paryaapt loha milata hai. aayaran yukt khaady padaarth khaane se eneemiya ko rokane mein madad mil sakatee hai.

2. Apane vitaamin see aur pholet ka sevan badhaen:

Prevention of Anemia

Vitaamin see aur pholet kee upasthiti shareer ko lohe ko adhik kushalata se avashoshit karane mein madad kar sakatee hai. vitaamin see aur pholet yukt adhik khaady padaarthon ko shaamil karana ya in poshak tatvon ke lie poorak lena eneemiya ke lie aapake jokhim ko kam karane mein madad kar sakata hai.

3. vitaamin B-12 yukt khaady padaarthon ka sevan karen:

Prevention of Anemia

Sampoorn khaady padaarthon ka sevan karen jinamen vitaamin bee 12 hota hai, jo praakrtik roop se pashu aur soya utpaadon mein paaya jaata hai. yah sunishchit karana ki aap paryaapt vitaamin bee 12 praapt kar sakate hain, na keval eneemiya ko rokane mein aapakee madad kar sakata hai, balki aapake shareer ko lohe ko adhik kushalata se avashoshit karane mein bhee madad kar sakata hai.

4. B-12 aur pholet sapleement len:

Prevention of Anemia

Yadi aapako bhojan ke maadhyam se paryaapt bee 12 ya pholet praapt karane mein pareshaanee ho rahee hai, to golee kee khuraak lene ya doktar se shot lene par vichaar karen. yah aapako vitaamin bee 12 kee bharapoor maatra dilaane aur eneemiya ke vikaas ko rokane mein aapakee madad kar sakata hai.

5. lohe ke bartan aur dhoopadaan ka upayog karake pakaana:

Prevention of Anemia

Kuchh pramaan hain ki kachcha loha pakaane ke bartan ka upayog karake aapake lohe ka sevan badha sakata hai. apane aahaar mein aapake dvaara upayog kie jaane vaale lohe kee maatra ko badhaane mein madad karane ke lie ek kachcha loha ke kankaal mein nivesh karane par vichaar karen.



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