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Tips for Underweight

Whether you're clinically underweight or simply struggling to gain ... We'll send you our evidence-based tips on meal planning and nutrition.

Eat smaller meals, more frequently. 

Being underweight means you will have lower energy requirements and a smaller stomach, so you will become full faster. Planning on eating five or six slightly smaller, but complete meals throughout the day can help you to get the nutrients you need more regularly, and to struggle less with finishing large portions at the beginning. 

Eat 250-500 extra calories each day. 

This is a good baseline to maintain when you are trying to pack on pounds. Searching online for a calorie calculator will yield multiple results, any of which you can use to determine how many calories are necessary to maintain your current weight. Then, add 250-500 to that number. 

Drink whole milk, not skim. 

Full-fat options should be taken over fat-free alternatives whenever possible. Light or fat-free versions of food often lead to your body being just as full, but with fewer nutrients to put to work, 

Attack snacks. 

Sneak in bites of peanut butter before bed, or a handful of nuts as you go grab the mail. Small snacks eaten throughout the day will add up. 

Avoid caffeinated drinks. 

Caffeine suppresses a persons appetite, and when striving for weight gains you will want all the appetite you can get. They are not actively keeping your weight down, but you should be aware of the overall effect they have on your diet. These include: Coffee, Tea, Sodas, Energy drinks 

Refuel your body diligently.

 Exercising will burn energy as you are putting it into your body, but it can also stimulate your appetite. This will help you to establish and solidify better, more regular eating habits as you respond to the energy needs of your body. 

Include plenty of fiber. 

Fiber is critical to digestion, something you will want all the help you can get on once you start eating more than you are used to. It is found in beans, oats, bran, fruits, and vegetables. 

Load up on carbs. 

Regular carbohydrate intake is necessary to gaining and keeping weight. Carbs are regularly broken down into glucose (sugar) for energy. In their absence, your body will turn to and break down those other sources of energy you have been working so hard to tack on: fat and protein. 

Stay healthy. 

Tips for Underweight

Sickness will stop your weight gain plan in its tracks, so it is important to still eat a healthy diet (even if you're eating a lot more of that diet) and to get plenty of rest and exercise. Being underweight can lead to a weaker immune system, so this will require particular diligence on your part. 

Keep it slow: 

As it is difficult to adjust at once to a higher energy intake, it is better to begin with the normal intake and gradually increase the food quantitatively and qualitatively. An overloaded plate may often cause a loss of appetite. Eat regularly to stimulate your appetite. Eating often - 6 to 8 meals a day is the ideal way to avoid feeling full. Weight gain like weight loss should be a slow and steady process, only then can the results be lasting. Follow the diet and lifestyle changes suggested above to achieve and maintain your desired body weight. 

Daily Meals 

Eat more calories in a day than your body burn and follow a high calorie, high protein and high calcium diet plan. 

Intake Calories/ Proteins 

Eat more calories in a day than your body burn and follow a high calorie, high protein and high calcium diet plan. 

Workout/ Exercise/Yoga 

Tips for Underweight

Do light exercises or yoga will help you to strengthen your body stamina and muscles. So do some walk or yoga or any other exercises. 

Drinks/ Shakes 

Tips for Underweight

Add Cream milk and milk products e.g. milk and protein shakes, yogurt, Banana shake, Mango shake, Kiwi Shake and other. 

Perfect Diet 

Your diet may include peanut butter, walnuts, almonds, raisins, and other dry fruits in your diet. And also include potatoes, sweet potatoes, yam, colocasia, white rice, sago and other high calorie items. Include good quality MUFA & PUFA rich oils. 

Proper Sleep 

Tips for Underweight

Get quality sleep of Minimum 7-8 hours a day. Things to avoid Stop Smoking, Drinking Alcohol and any kind of drug addiction.

Things to Avoid:-

Stop Smoking, Drinking Alcohol and any kind of Drug addiction. 


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